Chai Spiced Sangria

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Chai Spiced Sangria

CHAI SPICED SANGRIA: This delicious recipe makes about 42 oz. which is just right for a 2 qt. size serving pitcher. You and your guests will love it! Choose a wine that you like, a rich flavored, medium body red is best. We've used both Pinot Noir and Cabernet with success. If you are serving a crowd and prefer to use a punch bowl or tall server, simply multiply the ingredients to achieve the desired amount.

You may stir the wine, chai and fruit together 24 to 48 hours ahead of time and refrigerate in a closed container. Add the seltzer or sparkling water when ready to serve. 


Mix the following ingredients together and add various fruits as the season and local harvest may offer.

1 Bottle (750ml) Red Wine

1 Medium Orange cut or sliced

3 oz. Original Vanilla Chai Concentrate

12 oz. Plain Seltzer or Sparkling Water