Our Chai

Chaikhana Chai 16 oz. bottles

Chaikhana Chai has captured the authentic nature of chai in a craft brewed, fresh ingredient concentrate.

Organic tea leaves, fresh organic ginger, chai spices, vanilla beans and organic wild-flower honey are brewed in a small batch process creating a rich infusion of flavors. Our concentrate is low in sugar, dairy free and gluten free. Nothing artificial is added! See complete ingredient and nutrition information on each of our Flavor pages

Chaikhana Chai Concentrate is easy to use. Whether seeking a transcending break or organizing yourself for a busy day, choose the flavor and chai recipe that suits your mood! It only takes a moment to prepare a delicious chai drink. Visit our Recipe pages for new ideas.

Our chai is packed hot immediately after brewing and sealed so you can store it, unopened, in your pantry for up to a year. Once opened, you can keep it in the refrigerator for 60 days.

CHAIKHANA CHAI LATTE RECIPE – Per 12 oz. cup or glass

(Hot) Mix 1/4 cup Chaikhana Chai Concentrate with 1 cup milk or dairy alternate. Heat and enjoy!

(Iced) Mix 1/4 cup Chaikhana Chai Concentrate with 3/4 cup milk or dairy alternate. Stir well and add ice.

Be creative! Because our chai concentrate is brewed with fresh, whole ingredients, the flavors come through for cocktail & smoothie recipes, baking and culinary dishes. Keep it simple.....Try a shot of Masala poured over chocolate ice cream with a top of whipped cream! Oh….more please!