Green Tea Mango Spritzer

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Green Tea Mango Spritzer

Happy Summer! Mango juice and our Green Tea – Lightly Sweet chai flavor go together like blue skies and sunshine! We love this drink not only because it’s refreshing and thirst quenching, but also because the whole-ingredient attributes (brewed from fresh ginger, warming spices, green tea and honey) help to provide an energy boost during hot weather. You’ll feel energized and happy! This is a perfect “make a pitcher for the crowd” type of drink. See our One Gallon Pitcher recipe below the single glass recipe.

RECIPE: Measure ingredients into glass. Makes (1) 20 oz. or (2) 10 oz. glasses

Chaikhana Chai Green Tea Concentrate    3 1/4 oz.

Fresh or Premium Mango Juice                   3 1/4 oz.

Add seltzer or fresh carbonated water (leaving room for ice). To mix, stir gently or transfer drink into another glass and back again. Add ice and serve with a straw or pour into 2 smaller glasses and add ice.

To make a ONE GALLON Pitcher: Mix 26 oz. Green Tea – Lightly Sweet Chai Concentrate with 26 oz. Mango Juice. Add Seltzer (2 quarts + 12 oz.) to fill pitcher. Stir gently. To serve pour into glasses filled with ice. The sparkling fruit flavor mixes well with spirits for a special occasion brunch or afternoon cocktail idea. Also, a dry sparkling wine or prosecco can be substituted for the seltzer. Cheers!