Iced Spicy Cherry Chai Latte

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Iced Spicy Cherry Chai Latte

ICED SPICY CHERRY CHAI LATTE…..You must try this recipe!

Chaikhana Chai’s Masala – Spicy chai concentrate with a splash of black cherry syrup added creates an amazing combination. Measure chai concentrate and syrup into your glass and stir in "original" almond milk leaving room for ice. Add ice and…..cheers to the spice of life with this cup of pure indulgence! Whipped cream and or spirits are always an option.....of course!

12 oz. drink = 2 oz Masala-Spicy chai concentrate + 1/2 oz   Monin Cherry Syrup

16 oz. drink  = 2 3/4 oz Masala-Spicy chai concentrate + 3/4 oz   Monin Cherry Syrup

20 oz. drink = 3 1/2  oz Masala-Spicy chai concentrate + 1 oz   Monin Cherry Syrup