64 oz. - Green Tea Chai

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Honey-Ginger flavor

If you strive to live a healthy lifestyle, the half gallon size of our Green Tea Chai Concentrate, brewed with large leaves of green tea is for you! Each jug makes (40) 8 oz. drinks. You'll enjoy the light spice and subtle heat that's created from fresh, organic Peruvian ginger while enjoying the appealing taste of chai spices sweetened with wild flower honey. When mixed with milk as a latte, our Green Tea Chai is smooth and soothing. If you like a bold green tea in the afternoon, simply mix the concentrate with water instead of milk. You can add a touch of 1/2 & 1/2 or almond milk for texture if you like. The Green Tea's tannins and chai spices will give you the boost you need to complete your afternoon tasks and you'll feel good about the health benefits of drinking a brew made with whole ingredients and organic tea.