Chai Cocktails


09/07    - We wait once the holidays are over
08/23    - Happy Summer! Mango juice and our
07/31    - SPARKLING VANILLA ICED TEA is a Summer-time favorite for an
07/17    - CHAI-BERRY SPRITZER –  Recipe makes 6 (10 oz.) drinks. Mix the following
07/17    - ICED ALMOND CHAI COCKTAIL Each recipe makes one drink: 2 oz. “Green”
07/17    - CLASSIC CHAI MARTINI  Pour all ingredients into a shaker. (Makes 2
07/17    - AFTER DINNER CHAI LATTE: For each serving, mix the following in a small stove-top pot: 2 oz. Masala-spicy or Original-vanilla Chaikhana Chai Concentrate 6 oz. Whole Milk Heat just until steam begins to show Turn off the heat and stir in 1 or 1 ½ oz. Spiced Rum Pour into a favorite after-dinner cup. Now