Popular Chai Drinks


09/07    - We wait once the holidays are over
08/23    - Happy Summer! Mango juice and our
05/16    - You can easily make a Dirty Chai Latte using any of Chaikhana Chai
06/23    - Add the following ingredients to the
03/06    - ICED SPICY CHERRY CHAI LATTE…..You must try this recipe!
10/29    - Add fresh apple cider to the ginger-spice flavor in Chaikhana Chai’s
07/31    - SPARKLING VANILLA ICED TEA is a Summer-time favorite for an
07/17    - AFTER DINNER CHAI LATTE: For each serving, mix the following in a small stove-top pot: 2 oz. Masala-spicy or Original-vanilla Chaikhana Chai Concentrate 6 oz. Whole Milk Heat just until steam begins to show Turn off the heat and stir in 1 or 1 ½ oz. Spiced Rum Pour into a favorite after-dinner cup. Now
07/17    - ICED ALMOND CHAI LATTE: Sometimes it seems almond milk was made to go with Chai! For a lighter drink use about 1/3 water to cut the almond milk thickness. Mix the following in a tall glass: 2 oz. Green-lightly sweet Chaikhana Chai Concentrate 6 oz. Almond Milk of choice. (We like the Regular better than
07/17    - CHAI FRAPPE makes (20 oz.) Add ingredients to blender in order listed:
07/17    - CHAI LATTE   For a hot or cold chai drink, simply pour Chaikhana Chai Concentrate into your cup (suggested amount below) and add milk or dairy alternative. 12 oz. cup = 2 1/2 oz. chai concentrate 16 oz. cup = 3 ¼ oz. chai concentrate 20 oz. cup = 4 oz. chai concentrate To Make
07/17    - MASALA MANGO COCKTAIL     A festive brunch drink! – makes a little over 2 quarts (serves 6 to 10) Stir 12 oz. “Masala” Chaikhana Chai concentrate with 12 oz. Orange-Mango Juice. Add 36 oz. fresh carbonated water or seltzer plus 6 oz. Vanilla Vodka. Prepare in advance and chill well before serving. Stir before
07/17    - Recipe makes 25 to 30 servings Pour one gallon fresh Apple Cider into punch bowl. Add one quart chilled Chaikhana Chai concentrate. Mix well and add “Chai Chillers”(see following recipe). Chai Chillers……Mix 8 oz. Chaikhana Chai concentrate with 1 quart Apple Cider. Pour into ice cube trays (or use a cake or jello holiday mold
07/17    - DREAMY CHAI POPSICLE Mix 12 oz. Coconut Milk with 6 oz. Chaikhana Chai Concentrate (your choice of flavor). Set in refrigerator for 2 or 3 hours to chill and let flavors combine. Be creative! Just before pouring into Popsicle molds, stir in freshly pureed banana, raspberries, etc. Surprise your friends with a satisfying, tropical treat!