Summer Chai Drinks


08/23   GREEN TEA MANGO SPRITZER - Happy Summer! Mango juice and our

06/23   COCO-BANANA CHAI SMOOTHIE - Add the following ingredients to the
07/31   SPARKLING VANILLA ICED TEA - SPARKLING VANILLA ICED TEA is a Summer-time favorite for an
07/17   CHAI-BERRY SPRITZER - CHAI-BERRY SPRITZER –  Recipe makes 6 (10 oz.) drinks. Mix the following
07/17   ICED ALMOND CHAI LATTE - ICED ALMOND CHAI LATTE: Sometimes it seems almond milk was made to go with Chai! For a lighter drink use about 1/3 water to cut the almond milk thickness. Mix the following in a tall glass: 2 oz. Green-lightly sweet Chaikhana Chai Concentrate 6 oz. Almond Milk of choice. (We like the Regular better than
07/17   CHAI FRAPPE - CHAI FRAPPE makes (20 oz.) Add ingredients to blender in order listed:
07/17   CHAI MILKSHAKE - CHAI MILKSHAKE Add to blender: 3 oz. “Original” Chaikhana Chai concentrate, 2 Round Scoops Ice Cream (vanilla, mocha or ginger flavor) plus 8 oz. Cold Milk. Blend until frothy. Pour into chilled glass and top with whipped cream. Multiply amounts by 2 or 3 to make additional servings all at once.
07/17   MASALA MANGO COCKTAIL - MASALA MANGO COCKTAIL     A festive brunch drink! – makes a little over 2 quarts (serves 6 to 10) Stir 12 oz. “Masala” Chaikhana Chai concentrate with 12 oz. Orange-Mango Juice. Add 36 oz. fresh carbonated water or seltzer plus 6 oz. Vanilla Vodka. Prepare in advance and chill well before serving. Stir before
07/17   REFRESHING ICED CHAI - REFRESHING ICED CHAI  Pour 4 oz. (your choice of flavor) Chaikhana Chai concentrate into a tall, 20 oz. glass. Stir in 12 oz. fat-free milk and add ice.
07/17   DREAMY CHAI POPSICLE - DREAMY CHAI POPSICLE Mix 12 oz. Coconut Milk with 6 oz. Chaikhana Chai Concentrate (your choice of flavor). Set in refrigerator for 2 or 3 hours to chill and let flavors combine. Be creative! Just before pouring into Popsicle molds, stir in freshly pureed banana, raspberries, etc. Surprise your friends with a satisfying, tropical treat!
07/15   CHAI FROSTY - CHAI FROSTY   Rejuvenating and refreshing! In advance, prepare CHAI ICE CUBES – Mix 8 oz. Chaikhana Chai concentrate with 1 quart cold water. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Use as needed…… Place 8 to 10 pre-made CHAI ICE CUBES in the blender and pulse until desired consistency. Spoon into a chilled glass.
02/06   MASALA ICED TEA – Chaikhana Chai’s award winning recipe - Our award winning flavor and recipe! TO MAKE: Pour 3 oz. “Masala” Chaikhana Chai concentrate into a 16 oz. glass. Stir in 9 oz. cold water and add ice. TO MAKE: One Gallon Pitcher (serves 8 to 10) Pour 32 oz.  (1 quart)  “Masala” Chaikhana Chai Concentrate into a one gallon pitcher. Fill pitcher with cold